Ghost Of The Sun

by Herida

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Three guys on the off chance of being in the same room when the door slammed,


The first long player from Herida.

A layered concoction of downtuned riffage, loud grooves and sweet spots. If this was on vinyl your needle would scratch the wax.

In the vein of the original power-trios of the 60’s/70’s with influences cooked in the back of the van where you lost your lighter but found coins

Each part represents a moment of their two years on the road, living in tents and robbing bushes of their dignity, surviving on Tequila, Rum and Cider.


released January 9, 2012

All tracks written and performed by: Bricknell, Garrett, Strothard



all rights reserved


Herida Essex, UK

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Track Name: Colours
Hold your breath still
We can ascend
Finally break down
Enlighten, my friend

Tread the path that makes you bleed
It won’t take long
El Mundo enfermedad
Porque de gula

Your choice is who you choose to be
Can you not see?
With colours and rings
For you we tear skin
Track Name: Evo
Draw the blade across the cold dirt floor
Sing a death song, you’ll be gone before long
Scar your skin with a shard of time
Nothing will help you, its all in your mind

Selling your shoes to pay for a smile
Leave empty pockets to dry in the sun
When everyday left is one left behind
Nothing will help you, all in good time

Can’t you see it's all gotta change?
Ya takin ya time but can’t decide when
Leave it alone or out to justify your friends
Nothing can help you, its all in the breeze.
Track Name: Otra Vida
A heavy heart
Laid upon
Dawns light
To exit home

Its above me
For a short while
Before I am
Brought to Earth

For my last dance
So leave me here
In this empty room
Full of prayer

Sideways stare (17 again)
Its not the first time
This aged cask shows how i care

My mouth's in dirt
All I taste is burnt
But this pain is birthing
So let it begin

Let it begin again

There is no only child
But only a child
Venting frustration
Upon itself
Track Name: Elias
Feed the clique or face your fear
Pull the blade from your wound
Is it time to feed the Beast
Is his bowl empty?

Are those chains around your neck?
See the slaves become Master
Now and then I see the end
And its not the way you imagined

Many died to get you here
Trod down ‘neath your heel
Through them I pray for you
We are the uncomfortable...

Track Name: Burnin' Tree
Brace Yourself
Remind me
How long its been
A sad loaded line
At the end of the ride

Im outta the game
Im outta my mind
Outta excuses
My memory’s a crime

Burnin Tree

98 times the number
Like the year
That i smoked in slumber

Burnin Tree said i’d carry that cross
Take me back
That time has gone

Burnin weepin tree
Holdin out now
Its clear to me

Burn my eyes
Burn my BEARD
Track Name: God Is A Bullet
Neither wolf nor dog shall come for you
Left on the outside labyrinth of solitude
Denied your history told
White lies to bury you cold
and God?

God is a Bullet

Stickman lost his wife
And you think that's alright?
All he did was speak
They burned his family
In their sleep

This is what they do
In the name of you
God is a Bullet

Will you tell your children what you've done
Why you let it all carry on?
You stood there and watched,
Brainwashed you forgot

It's your God

God is a Bullet

The Trinity of the chain
Guilt, Sin and Blame
Track Name: Refrain
I fell into a place so high
Desert sun won't burn my skin
Laughed aloud to ease my soul
Heading from a great decline

Build the temples to be knocked down
Clear skies can still bring rain
You broke my branches to shelter from heaven
A spirit scorned can unleash hell (yeah)

I’ve seen you bleed from walking barefoot
And now you hate all i say
You peel my worth until im dead
In your eyes there's no refrain
Track Name: Pyro
You led out into the water
But were first in the sea
You hold my hand with a
child in your eyes
Wave goodbye in your sleep

For all things you said and done
Poisened love you held my fear
You danced the night, broke my wings
Fell to Earth, scarred my tears

Left me layin on the floor
Well your bleedin heart killed us all
And your skies filled with Chemtrail gore
Punish me? Ya can’t do more

So now you guess
At whats left
Admit it you can’t confess
You’re morally bankrupt and dead

Walk back the years with electric eyes
Fox shouts to warn, “Here it comes!”
You stand all alone no direction home
You can taste the pain when you bleed on your own

When you bleed on your own
Track Name: Promise
Today I heard a child cry
Dont miss this plea for life
But take into your arms

Everything is as promised
Everything will be as it was before
Not a soul
Left unturned

Some forgot where they stood before
This time its manifest for sure
So step into the light
And shine

The blind will be given sight
And the dark will give way to light
The human being

Know you’re not alone
Life is here for you to hold
Everything is as promised

Know you’re not alone
Life is here for you to own
Everything is as promised